Hotel Cala Font Salou

23e Internationale Open Damtoernooi in Salou
22 - 30 mei 2022

Enjoy your game

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UPDATE 22/06/2021

Dear friends,
First of all we’d like to thank everybody who reacted to our survey.
In the past months we also thoroughly analyzed the latest developments around Covid-19 (vaccination, new mutations, permissions and limitations per countries, visum problematics etc.) and collected the opinions about the possible extra edition of Salou-2021 in September.
The conclusion we finally came to is (regrettably) that we won’t organize the Salou Open in September.
There is at the moment still too much uncertainty while we are already close to these dates. We all would like to be a part of our Salou Open “as it was” without restrictions and with large international representation, therefore we just have to wait for it till May 2022.
We already see a lot of interest for Salou Open 2022 expressed from different countries and continents. And we are very excited expecting this edition to become the greatest one ever. As soon as we obtain the hotel conditions for the next year we will announce it and start the inscription.
So no Salou 2021. But most important - stay safe and healthy and we see you all in May 2022 in "our" Salou!

UPDATE 18/05/2021

Dear friends,
Many of you would like to know if Salou Open will be held in September 2021.
We announced earlier that we are investigating the possibility to hold the tournament in the period 19-29 September (or 18-28 September if the start of Dutch team competition will be postponed) .
The problem is that we simply can't give the definitive answer.
We don't need to explain the whole situation, you are aware of it.
But there are two factors.
First, Salou Open is not just a draughts tournament. It is the vacation, feest, meeting old friends and making new ones. Salou Open is for many people a kind of top point of the year. They often start to wait for the next edition the next day after the previous finish. This passion shared by the organization is the main reason why we'd like to do the best still to have the tournament in 2021.
From the other hand the situation is not so stable yet that we could say now that we certainly can hold it. Almost every day we get news and changes. Vaccination is going faster and faster but not in all countries. Will the vaccination passport be ready on time, what will be the rules on location? These are still the open questions.
We would be grateful if you could express your opinion

1) I would certainly like to participate in Salou 2021 if it will be organised in September
2) I would like to participate in Salou 2021 if it will be organised in September but I’m not ready to make a decision now
3) I will wait for May 2022
4) Other (please explain)

Please send your opinion by PM or chant at the or by e-mail to
We will make the final decision in the middle of June.

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