Stay Strong Ukraine


Dear friends, The war is terrible and also affects the tournament. It certainly affects us as an organization and personally (where we also have close friendly and family ties with Ukraine). We all hope that this horrible war will soon end and we will see our draughts friends fighting only on the draughts board. Life is going on even in these difficult times. And so is our tournament, as a symbol of peace and a friendly, multicultural society.

From the speach of the organisation during the closing ceremony of Salou Open 2022:

The tournament took place in a very complicated time. Please let's not forget that we could enjoy the sun, sea, draughts and the peace while people in Ukraine are fighting and some are dying not only for their but also for our freedom and wealth. We decided not to do a common action as everyone is free to do what they want. But we appeal to everybody to do what they can to help Ukraine. Whatever: donate, help refugees, push the local politics, anything that can help to stop Russian aggression. We as an organization did and will do it, but we will be grateful to all of you for your support.