Hotel Cala Font Salou

23rd International Open Draughts Tournament Salou

May 24 - June 1 2020

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Inschrijvingsstop Salou-2020; nieuwe aanmeldingen komen op de wachtlijst.
Subscription stop Salou-2020; new subscriptions will be placed on a waiting list.
Inscription arrêt Salou 2020; de nouvelles applications viennent sur une liste d'attente
Включение в турнир Salou 2020 приостановлено. Новые регистрации попадают в список запасных.

The sudden death of Peter Pippel, the organizer of the Salou Open draughts tournament threatened to bring the end to more than two decades of draughts on the Costa Dorada (Golden Coast). Peter always worked hard to hold his tournament during the 15 years that he organized it. In this time Salou Open grew up to a wonderful event for both draughts players and their friends and families! 
The guests enjoyed more than a week's holiday, with wonderful temperatures (normally between 25 and 30 degrees), beautiful beaches and a relatively quiet resort.
For the players there were the same pleasant circumstances, plus that they could enjoy the game.  In short, 'Salou' (as the tournament in the draught world is shortly called) became a stand-alone international draughts monument. 
And it shouldn't stop. So the sons of Peter (Marcel and Thomas), together with the friends of Peter (Henk Hoekman, Alexander Presman, Wim Martin and Tjalling van den Bosch) have decided that Salou Open draughts tournament will go on! 
Therefore a non-profit foundation has been created to manage the tournament in the coming years.

Welkom 20202020

We are glad to invite you to participate in our 23rd  International Open draughts tournament in Salou (Spain), which will be played from Sunday, May the 24th until Monday June the 1st 2020.
The tournament will be played in the Swiss system with 9 rounds (with rating). The complete program is shown below. The tournament turns out to be a great event. After the enormous success of the last years, we are sure the participants and companions will succeed in having a good time, because of the combination of a good holiday near to the beach (50 m), a fine hotel-accommodation and most of the time a spectacular draughts tournament in which excellent draughts players, as well as the weaker ones, participate. Just as in the previous years we are trying to let the best male and female players of the world play in Salou. We find this to be a great challenge for all other participants.
For the 18th consequent year, the accommodation for the tournament will be 4 stars Hotel Cala Font in Salou.
The subscriptions in the last years were much more than the maximum number of 140 participants. The later subscriptions will be put on a waiting list. So the early subscribing is highly recommended.
The participation fee for the tournament is € 60,--. The money prizes (in number and amounts) will depend on the number of participants. The first prize will be at least € 800,--. Other prizes will be set for the highest classifications, the best women, best seniors (over 55 years), best youth players and best combination or best game and a “surprise–prize” for some of the weaker players.
Hotel-accommodation (full board) is available for the price of € 450,-- per person (including the tournament fee) and is based on a bed in a double room (Full board: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.). 
For persons, who don’t participate in the draughts tournament, the price is € 415,--.
Tourist Tax: €7,-- per person.
A single room supplement (for ten days) € 220,--. 
The reduction of 5% will be given to the people, who already participated in one of the former tournaments in Salou.
Extra days in the hotel cost per person € 39,-- (based on a bed in a double room) and € 61,00 in a single room.
There will be transfers organized from the airport of Barcelona to Salou and the airport of Reus to Salou on Saturday, May the 23rd and from Salou to Barcelona and Reus on Tuesday, June the 2nd. The price for both transfers (together) is for the airport of Barcelona € 40,-- per person and for the airport of Reus € 20,--.
WARNING: No transfers from Girona (GRO).
The tournament will be played with FMJD-rules with the rating (1 hour and 20 minutes per person plus 1 minute per move).

Dates of Salou-2020:
Arrival date: Saturday 23rd May
First round: Sunday 24th May
Last round: Monday 1st June
Departure date: Tuesday 2nd June

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