Hotel Cala Font Salou

23rd International Open Draughts Tournament Salou

May 24 - June 1 2020

Enjoy your game

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"Coronavirus" Update (16-03-2020)

Dear friends,
Dear guests of Salou 2020,

We all know that there are currently negative processes going on due to the COVID-19 virus.
It is for the time being still very unclear what consequences this will have for the travel, airlines and the public health in the near future.
The factors that we as an organization have no influence on.
In the mean time the measures taken now and the time that we still have before the toŠ³rnament gives us the hope that the situation will restore just on time.

As the organization of Salou 2020 we follow all developments and so far we see no reason to decide to cancel Salou 2020.
We will continue the preparations for the tournament as usual and will make a final decision by the end of April.

But first of all we wish everyone good health and sincerelly hope that at the end of May we wiil just drink something tasty together under the Spanish sun during our beautiful and successful tournament!

With best regards,
Organizing Committee Salou 2020
Dates of Salou-2020:
Arrival date: Saturday 23rd May
First round: Sunday 24th May
Last round: Monday 1st June
Departure date: Tuesday 2nd June

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