Hotel Cala Font Salou

23rd International Open Draughts Tournament Salou

May 22 - 30

Enjoy your game

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The winners of Salou Open 2022: A. Domcev (2nd), A.Shvarstam (1st), H.Meijer (3rd)

Best combination of the tournament

M.Kosters - G. Zalitis
Black is close to win. He just had to play 52...4-10! 53.30-24 32-37! 54.31x42 22-27 55.21x32 13-19 56.24x13 12-18 57.13x22 17x48X
But black played 52...22-28? 53.33x22 17x28 And everything turned around. 54.21-17! 11x22 55.39-33 28x39 56.34x43 25x23 57.31-27 22x31 58. 26x6 X

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UPDATE 10-03-2022


Dear friends,
The war is terrible and also affects the tournament.
It certainly affects us as an organization and personally (where we also have close friendly and family ties with Ukraine). We all hope that this horrible war will soon end and we will see our draughts friends fighting only on the draughts board.
Life is going on even in these difficult times.
And so is our tournament, as a symbol of peace and a friendly, multicultural society.
The Corona measures are being released more and more. We hope that within the remaining 2 months there will be very little left. But as we always mention - if there are some requirements (for example vaccination or testing), we as an organization and guests must respect these.
We also kindly ask our participants and guests who have not yet done so to send us the missing information regarding arrival and stay.
We started the invoicing and for several participants we are still missing the necessary information.

Welkom 20202022

23rd International Open Draughts Tournament in SALOU.
22 - 30 May 2022

We are glad to invite you to participate in our 23rd International Open draughts tournament in Salou (Spain), which will be played from Sunday, May the 22nd until Monday May the 30st, 2022.

The tournament will be played in the Swiss system with 9 rounds (with rating). The complete program is shown below. The tournament was and will remain a great event.
After the stable success of many years, we can be sure that the participants and companions will have a great time guaranteed by the combination of a beautiful location near to the beach (50 m), a fine hotel accommodation and a spectacular draughts tournament where excellent draughts players competing together with the amateurs.
Just as in the previous years we will try to get the best male and female players of the world to play in Salou. We find this to be a great challenge for all other participants.

For the 18th time, the accommodation for the tournament is the 4 stars Hotel Cala Font in Salou.
The subscriptions in the last few years exceeded the maximum number of 140 participants. The later subscriptions will be put on a waiting list. So the early subscription is highly recommended.

The participation fee for the tournament is € 60,--. The money prizes (in number and amounts) will depend on the number of participants. The first prize will be at least € 800,--. Other prizes will be set for the highest classifications, the best women, best seniors (over 55 years), best youth players and best combination or best game and a “prize-surprise” for some of the weaker players.

Hotel-accommodation (full board) is available for the price of € 450,-- per person (including the tournament fee) and is based on a bed in a double room (Full board: breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included) for 10 nights ( arrival on Saturday 21 May an departure on Tuesday 31 May) .
For persons who don’t participate in the draughts tournament, the price is € 415,--.
A single room supplement (for ten days) is € 240,--.
The reduction of 5% will be given to the people who already participated in one of the former tournaments in Salou.
Extra days in the hotel before the tournament cost per person € 39,-- (based on a bed in a double room) and € 63,00 in a single room.
Extra days in the hotel after the tournament cost per person € 49,-- (based on a bed in a double room) and € 83,00 in a single room.
Tourist tax - 9 Euro per person.
There will be transfers organized from the airport of Barcelona to Salou and the airport of Reus to Salou on Saturday, May the 21st and from Salou to Barcelona and Reus on Tuesday, May the 31st. The price for both transfers (together) is for the airport of Barcelona € 40,-- per person and for the airport of Reus € 20,--.
WARNING: No transfers from Girona (GRO).

Contact mail:

Friday, May 27 is a day off.
There will be a blitz-tournament on Friday, May the 27th. Start: 20.00.

The tournament will be played with FMJD-rules with the rating (1 hour and 20 minutes per person plus 1 minute per move).

After subscription you will receive your personal link to the tournament system where you can find and maintain all your personal information ( names, booking, flights, transfers, financial issues, visa information) .


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